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1 family, 100 years of history, 3 municipalities, 3 ecosystems


Our name is Vesco, our winery Rallo. We produce wines, mostly white generous and essential wines. We love fresh, fragrant aromas and elegant fruit. We cultivate vines, wheat and olive trees in different locations of western Sicily, between Alcamo, Marsala and the Pantelleria Island, all within the Trapani province. We insist upon, beginning from ourselves, a responsible approach with the territory, we love the environment, sustainability and balance in all matters. All our wines are produced in respect of the cycle of the seasons and all are organic.


The areas of Western Sicily, where our family grows the grapes for the Rallo labels are three: Alcamo, Marsala and Pantelleria. In the Alcamo territory


Enthusiastic “white wine supporters”, without omitting important reds and meditation wines, we represent Sicily and its vocation for white wines through wines of climate made with modern resources. All our efforts are done to render the tastes and the flavours of the place of its provenance, though aromas and scents.


We will not disturb legend to evoke the deep link between olives and Sicily. We just want to say that the area has a great vocation for the production


Comunication in the company? It tells its story, it captivates and it shows itself. The idea is very simple: ours is a live, productive firm which does many things. So, why not doing them?