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Olive Groves

We will not disturb legend to evoke the deep link between olives and Sicily. We just want to say that the area has a great vocation for the production of extravergine olive oil. Our olive groves reach seven hectars and is located in Alcamo in contrada Patti Piccolo surrounded by woods and vineyards. One-thousand-four-hundred trees of Cerasuola variety planted more than a century ago. The spacing of the trees is 5 meters by 5 and the pruning is umbrella-wise. As all our plantations, even the olive trees are  organic agriculture certified. We follow a sustainable approach, without use of chemical substances but following cultivation methods which preserve the fertility of the soil. The olives are picked at the beginning of the veraison which takes place between the second and the third week of October. The harvesting method is the stripping, by means of which the olives are directly detached from the branches. The olives are immediately taken to the olive mill and processed within 24 hours from harvesting.