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The areas of Western Sicily, where our family grows the grapes for the Rallo labels are three: Alcamo, Marsala and Pantelleria.

In the Alcamo territory, bordering Marsala, there is the most consistent part of our vineyards: 68 hectars of vineyards, surrounded by 10 hectars of woods, 7 of olive groves and 12 of wheat and crop land.

Patti Piccolo, the contrada, has an intimate Mediterranean ecosystem that preserves a particular equilibrium, due to the sustainable approach of the organic cultivation of the land. In these fertile, sandy soils, vines have been cultivated since more than 300 years.

Marsala, although of minor territorial extension, hosts the administrative and production heart of the Rallo company in a typical 1800 Marsala “baglio”, located within the urban center overlooking the sea, on a two-hectar outreach, 320 meters of lenghth.  This estate includes administrative offices, the cellar, the warehouse and the wine refining area. The 10-hectar vineyards producing the Grillo grape variety, lie within the Stagnone Nature Reserve. These are called Piane Liquide because of the physical particularity of the terrains facing the sea which emitte a visual allure, common among the numerous brilliant singularities of Sicily. 

Lastly Pantelleria, vulcanic island suspended between Africa and Europe, also known at the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean. Two hectars are cultivated with Moscato d’Alessandria, in the contrada Bugeber, overhanging the Venere Lake. The cultivation system is the traditional “albero pantesco” (bush-trained method) which has become part of the UNESCO Heritage in 2014.